About Us

A Truly Whole-Life Mission

First and foremost, we believe in a fundamental right to life. The mission of the New Pro Life Movement is to work towards creating a culture that values and protects the dignity of all life, especially human life from conception to natural death.

We believe abortion is a grave evil and a  horrible attack on human dignity that should be completely eradicated from our society. That said, we believe that a true pro-life ideology focuses on more than just abortion. Our movement supports any action that protects and sustains life at every stage.

Currently, our main objectives consist of education, outreach, and fundraising for organizations that we believe are working to create a truly pro-life society.

Abortion: Demand vs Supply

Our primary focus is on the defense of the right to life of the unborn by reducing the demand for abortion. However, we believe the right to life of the unborn is most clearly viewed within a larger framework of ethics that values life per se, and that to be genuinely pro-life is to oppose all threats to human life and flourishing.

We believe that the “unwanted child” who is made a victim of abortion is “unwanted” due to radically anti-life, materialistic values driving the entire culture. Thus, we wish to avoid scapegoating the women who abort in often desperate circumstances. It’s not enough to say “choose life.” We need to choose life, collectively, as a society, and make the choice of life a truly realistic one. We  need to shift our thinking, and recognize the ways our entire culture is complicit in rejecting the most vulnerable among us, and work to correct this.

Should abortion be illegal? Ideally, yes. However, after forty years of trying to oppose abortion by removing supply, to the extent that many movement leaders have allied themselves with political forces that are harmful to the pro-life cause both materially and rhetorically –  we think it is time to change our tactics, and focus on eliminating demand.  The laws, we believe, will follow.


An Intersectional Approach

The New Pro Life Movement is not affiliated with any political party or group, or funded by anyone. We seek to promote the work of all groups that assist women, children, and families, across party lines or religious boundaries. We also aim to educate on issues of life ethics, and to raise awareness of the need for solidarity in defense of life.

Our  movement does not focus on the right to life of the unborn within an ethical vacuum, but instead adopts an intersectional approach, which recognizes the threat to unborn life as present within an interconnected web of power-structures. Within this web, it is essential that we not neglect women’s rights, or other human rights, in pursuit of a “single-issue” crusade. For this reason, we especially welcome feminist activists who share our concern for opposing those societal evils that drive women to abortion: poverty, abuse, environmental dangers, rape, lack of medical care, workplace and religious discrimination, pressure from parents and boyfriends, etc.

Additionally, though many of our foundational principles from Catholic social teaching, we are fundamentally a secular organization, and are happy to work with any groups that further the pro-life cause by opposing social injustice, providing women and families with medical and financial assistance, and working to make available social and psychological support.

Rejecting the Culture Wars

The New Pro Life Movement rejects the culture war paradigm, viewing it as a polarizing distraction from the proper goal of defending life. Our goal is not to defeat this or that cultural opponent. We believe we will be more effective in creating a culture of life if we are able to find common ground as often as possible.

However, we will not hesitate to speak out against cultural trends that we view as destructive: not only abortion, but also unjust war, gun violence, torture, euthanasia, social injustice, environmental degradation, racism, and all other forms of discrimination. We also will not hesitate to speak out against, and distance ourselves, from anti-abortion spokespersons when they seek to further their movement by allying themselves with any political, religious, or cultural trends that perpetuate these evils.

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