Roe’s Companion

By Jack Quirk

On June 7, 1965, Sandra Race, the daughter of an Atlanta sanitation worker, married one Joel Lee Bensing. He was a part-time construction worker she had known for about a week. She was 17-years-old at the time.

Eleven months after the marriage, Sandra gave birth to Joel Lee, Jr., her first child. Joel was followed by a daughter, April, in November of 1967.

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Single Issue Voting Leads to Anti-Life Negotiations

By Matthew Tyson and Rebecca Bratten Weiss

In a recent Facebook post, Priests for Life member Fr. Stephen Imbaratto took the New Pro-Life Movement to task, and in doing so, admitted to something (and not for the first time) that is actually one of the main reasons we founded the NPLM in the first place:

Finally, I find it interesting that these New Pro-lifers or these bloggers want to condemn us anti-abortion people by associating us as political animals and with Trump. I have made in clear that my Trump vote was nothing more than an anti-Hillary vote; anti abortion vote…one issue! I was always clear, adamant, and very public about that.

These comments are troubling. Single issue voting is dangerous because it blinds the voter to any and all other potential issues a candidate might present. And in Trump’s case, there is a mountain of problems that simply cannot be ignored. Yet Fr. Imbaratto, and many like him, seems perfectly willing to do so.

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Dear Pastor: Now That Trump Has Been Elected…

By H. Lillian Vogl

Dear Pastor,

This must have been a difficult year for you, as I presume you felt deep moral ambivalence about boosting Donald Trump these past few months, subtly or not-so-subtly. You were well aware of his three marriages and his unapologetic playboy lifestyle. I’m pretty sure you were aware that he never spoke a pro-life word or had anything to do with Christian believers until he began his campaign for president. I assume you knew the reputation of his name being synonymous with extreme opulence and avarice, as well as petty insult feuds with assorted (mostly female) celebrities. I charitably assume you didn’t support him during the primary season; at least you gave no indication from the pulpit that you did.

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Voting With An Informed Conscience

By Tara Simons

As we creep closer to the finish line of this election season, exhausted and a bit the worse for wear, we are reminded by our Holy Father, Pope Francis, of the Catholic Church’s instructions for how to exercise our voting rights as Christian citizens: “Study the proposals well, pray, and choose in conscience” (Catholic News Service, Oct. 2, 2016)

But what exactly does it mean to “choose in conscience?” Essentially, it can be broken down into 4 steps.

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A Response to Father Lankeit, from a Long-Time Pro-Life Advocate

By John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe

I share Fr. Lankeit’s conviction that abortion is the primary issue facing the nation in our time. About 1.2 million children die from surgical abortion annually in the USA, and their moms are deceived and exploited, and Hillary Clinton supports this violence.

However, abortion is not on the ballot. Trump is. He wants your vote, and has made promises. But consider: a bankruptcy is a long list of broken promises! Sometimes you can’t help it; you fail in business and can’t keep your promises; you have to ask creditors for patience and understanding. But six times? And now he’s rich but still doesn’t pay the people he stiffed? If he lies to people wholesale, not retail, why do you trust his promise to you?

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The Death Penalty Unjustly Targets the Poor and Disabled

By Elizabeth Broadbent

On October 19th, the state of Georgia executed 63 year old Gregory Paul Lawler for the October 1997 murder of police Officer John Sowa. A white man who killed another white man, Lawler also critically wounded another police officer, Patricia Cocciolone, who attended the execution in a wheelchair. He is the seventh inmate put to death in Georgia this year, the most since the reinstatement of the death penalty. The crimes were committed with an AR-15 rifle, the same used by the Aurora shooter, the San Bernardino shooting, and the Sandy Hook massacre.

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The Feminist Case for a New Pro-Life Movement

by Rebecca Bratten Weiss

Elsewhere, I wrote about how our economic and social system depends on abortion. To quote Germaine Greer:

“What women “won” was the “right” to undergo invasive procedures in order to terminate unwanted pregnancies — unwanted not just by them but by their parents, their sexual partners, the governments who would not support mothers, the employers who would not employ mothers, the landlords who would not accept tenants with children, the schools that would not accept students with children.”

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