A Response to Father Lankeit, from a Long-Time Pro-Life Advocate

By John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe

I share Fr. Lankeit’s conviction that abortion is the primary issue facing the nation in our time. About 1.2 million children die from surgical abortion annually in the USA, and their moms are deceived and exploited, and Hillary Clinton supports this violence.

However, abortion is not on the ballot. Trump is. He wants your vote, and has made promises. But consider: a bankruptcy is a long list of broken promises! Sometimes you can’t help it; you fail in business and can’t keep your promises; you have to ask creditors for patience and understanding. But six times? And now he’s rich but still doesn’t pay the people he stiffed? If he lies to people wholesale, not retail, why do you trust his promise to you?

But what does Trump offer to children and women? Let’s skip all the other issues facing the nation, except to the extent that they affect abortion. Skip Russia, misogyny, racism, ignorance, the economy, the military, everything. With regard to abortion, what does he offer? Let’s just suppose he is elected, and keeps his word (for the first time in his life), and appoints three pro-life Supreme Court justices. Great! What happens?

Abortion goes back to the states, stops promptly in some, is regulated in some, and stays in place in some. Net effect: any woman who wants an abortion in America can get it, but might have to drive several hours more. How many lives will that save? We are not talking about saving 1.2 million children from death and women from exploitation, annually; we’re talking about saving thousands.

I’m all in favor of saving thousands. But if we get to that with Trump, what else do we get, ignoring all else and sticking to abortion? Well, Trump encourages at least three significant causes of abortion.

1. Trump gives license to abuse women. If there is a rise in abuse of women, how many more abortions will that cause? How many tens of thousands?

2. Trump encourages eugenic attitudes. How many more abortions will that cause? How many thousands, or even tens of thousands?

3. Trump will close borders. In fact, there are about 65 million people on the road in our age of unprecedented migration, which means there are about a million pregnant women on the road annually. If the USA — and then Europe following Trump’s example — closes the border firmly against desperate refugees and poor migrants, how many pregnant women will despair and abort? Another 150,000?

I do not agree that a Trump presidency will lower the number of abortions at all. I could be wrong, but it is my view that a Trump presidency would INCREASE ABORTION DRAMATICALLY. In the name of God and good sense, I ask you to consider carefully! Don’t vote for a violent man who abuses women, hoping that he will save lives. He won’t deliver on his promise.