Ends in Themselves: A Reflection on Capital Punishment

by Jack Quirk

Capital punishment is best discussed in the context of the most egregious of cases. While executing minors or those with an intellectual development disorder can offend a wide swathe of a decent minded citizenry, the presence of such individuals as Dylann Roof in the criminal justice system provides an argument for the retention of capital punishment that is superficially sound.

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Reducing Abortion: What’s Marriage Got To Do With It?

We believe that the most effective means of reducing, and potentially eradicating, abortion comes through lessening the demand rather than the supply. On a socially applicable level, this includes greater access to healthcare, pre and post-natal care, mandatory paid leave, job protection, equal wages, sexual education, and stronger comprehensive support systems.”Poverty has a direct effect on quality of life. We support comprehensive solutions to provide a realistic pathway out of poverty and we opposed any legislation that reduces wages, cuts benefits, or restricts labor rights.- The 11 Pillars of the New Pro-Life Movement
“Reducing demand for abortion is well and good,” I have heard many conservatives say in response to the NPLM, “but why haven’t you mentioned marriage as the best remedy for poverty and abortion demand? Don’t safety net programs replace fathers and entrench the underclass?” It’s an important question worth addressing.

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The Irony of Electoral Backlash

By Julia Smucker

In late November 2012, the Consistent Life Network’s newsletter Peace & Life Connections pointed out a counterintuitive set of facts. First, the administrations of publicly pro-choice presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama saw declines in abortion rates and providers, under very different economic circumstances. Secondly, the Obama administration continued and even expanded many features of the hawkish foreign policy that was much more widely protested under George W. Bush. The apparent disconnects may be as much because of public perceptions as it is in spite of them, as motivation for grass-roots activism can appear more urgent “when not relying on presidential lip service.” For the activist of any stripe, working under threat is the ultimate motivator.

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#BothLivesMatter, Mary’s Personhood, and the Ohio Ban on Abortion

By MT Davila

The news that Ohio lawmakers had finally passed a ban on abortion beginning at six weeks from conception, so-called “heartbeat” laws because they seek to protect the life of the unborn from the moment a heartbeat is audible, are the kind that would make most pro-life advocates rejoice. Regardless of whether these laws would stand as constitutional upon being challenged, the wisdom of pro-life efforts is that this is a victory worth celebrating.

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More Than a Slogan

By John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe


“Did you say that pro-life activists who are also conservative Republicans don’t care about racism or justice or anything like that? You are so ignorant! Conservatives are always more generous giving money and time to help – to help in every way you can think of! Check the data any way you want to slice it!”

Whoo-ee. I hear the anger and frustration.

I’d like to explain something. It’s not a bumper sticker slogan: the explanation will take a little time.

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American Attitudes on Abortion and the Goal for Persuasion

by Jack Quirk

As it turns out, the New Pro Life Movement is hurting some feelings. There has been a pro-life movement around for a while now, of course, and it should not be altogether surprising that the attempt at a broader based approach to life issues would be received as criticism of the efforts that have already been made against the scourge of abortion in the United States.

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Stop Using Pictures of Aborted Children as Propaganda

By Elizabeth Broadbent

I spent my college years prochoice enough to abort a zygote, but not cool with killing an actual fetus. Most people I knew felt that way. But every year, during the last week in January (change this to whenever pro-life week is, I can’t remember), the zealots came out. They parked themselves in the green space right across the street from my dorm. The university roped them off so no one would molest them. From behind the rope, they handed out pamphlets. They brandished signs about abortion stilling beating hearts and killing babies. And mostly spectacularly, the activists hummed around a several central images, billboard sized, of bloody, dismembered, aborted fetuses.

I had to walk past these people every day to go to lunch.
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Is “Pro Life” Supposed to Refer Only to Abortion?

By Rebecca Bratten Weiss

Was the term “pro-life” specifically coined to mean “anti-abortion,” without reference to other issues of life and justice? Many seem to think so, and argue that using the term in a consistent-life-ethic sense betrays both the goal of the movement, and the intention of the term.

“Oh, but terms change,” one could argue.

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